Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh What A Beautiful Birthday!

Oh what a birthday we had this year! 

Just as a reminder, Bill, Chris and I all share a birthday.  This year, Dannae and I sent Bill and Chris on a scavenger hunt where they saw everyone pictured.  We met under the pretenses of going to dinner as a group of four, and then Dannae and I dropped a note at the front door and drove off in a cloud of smoke!  The boys went to a park around the corner, a Trader Joes with wine tasting, a revolving sushi bar, and then to Peet’s coffee.  At each stop were dear friends and lovely treats.  They LOVED it.  We knew they would, but they just really milked it and soaked it in.  I love love love being able to do this for people that I love.  They came back smiling and ready for more.

Once they had returned to Chris and Dannae’s for the surprise and hugging, we headed out as a giant group to get Pho, and enjoyed the night together.  It was so fun to just be out celebrating, and it is such a rare occasion to have 3 birthdays in the same group of friends J  We all lingered over the table, laughed, and just enjoyed each other.  Every person there is so wonderful and important to us, and it was great to be surrounded by this much love. 

This day made me so thankful.  I’d like to encourage you in moments like this to not get hung up on the food you are eating, any complaints you have about life, the person in the group who rubbed you wrong by one thing they said, or the fact that you don’t have gas in your car.  Focus on being blessed to afford dinner out, on having even one good friend you feel 100% comfortable with, for relationship and laughter, and for never going to sleep hungry.  It was not just about it being my birthday, it was about wanting for nothing.  I am blessed beyond measure. 

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