Friday, March 9, 2012

Food I Ate Friday - Fresh From The Market

Farmer’s Markets fill me up with joy.  I LOVE the fruit and the veggies and the samples.  The smells and the freshness.  Ugh, just thinking about it overwhelms me with happiness.  I love being in the sunshine and the bright colors I am surrounded by.  I love tasting all the hybrid fruits with so much juice you cannot contain it and it drips all over the ground.  I love the people who are so passionate about the product that they grow and why the natural route is the best.  I love walking around amidst the people and the puppies and the music and the laughter.  I love the fresh picked flowers.  I love the seafood packed on ice. 

Bill and I spent Saturday morning with his parents, my parents, and his aunt meandering our new favorite farmers market in Orange (more pictures to come!), and it was such a refreshing experience.  We all sampled and smiled and just enjoyed the sunshine.  I can’t understand how someone would not enjoy that environment, it is SO relaxing and healthy.  I loved spending that time with my parents and showing them a piece of my world.  Pictures of this (and other times) we were together last week will appear in the coming week, but just marvel in the beautiful produce for now!

In case it isn't clear, I love Farmers Markets ;) 

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