Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Be Encouraged - Between The Rains

As I mentioned in this previous post,  I have been doing a Bible study on James over the last few months, and loving the teaching I am receiving.  Beth Moore recently discussed her idea of what it means to be "Between the Rains".  I love the explanation she offered, and I hope I do it justice when I share it with you today.

She begins by explaining that we all have seasons of our life where we feel blessed and taken care of.  We feel untouchable and like everything is going according to plan.  These are the seasons of rain.  Sometimes a light mist, and sometimes a deluge, but all the same they are seasons of rain.  We feel an outpouring of blessing in our circles and directly onto us.  Our lives are exciting and we wake up with a bounce in our step every morning.  We are not scrounging or wanting.  Everything seems good and not stressful. 

However, there are also seasons of drought.  Where we feel like God is far away.  We don’t understand why things are happening for other people and not for ourselves.  We start to question all we know, and decide if God was out there he would come to our rescue.  We get bitter and cynical and lose our hope.

This is not an acceptable pattern.  We are supposed to be learning lessons in our draughts.  We need to see God in both seasons of rain AND seasons of drought.  Instead of pushing him away, play in other peoples rain storms!  Splash around in those puddles friend J  God’s eye has not left you, but he will not always be pouring out his blessing on YOU - give other people a shot.  How bold are we to expect constant blessing and outpouring?!? 

He is available to us at any moment, but we will not always be receiving gifts.  It is not an ATM type situation!  Sometimes he is just support in our drought seasons.  Remember to not treat God that way, and to remember things were never guaranteed to be easy, but to have faith because if you are in a drought you are just between the seasons of rain. 

Play in the sunshine AND the rain. 
Use everything as an opportunity to learn. 
Share in times of blessing, and receive in times of drought.

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  1. I loved the idea that if there wasn't a time between the rains, then the seed wouldn't have time to grow roots.

    It's during the "dry times" that we get strong enough to receive the next "rain"