Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What a Wonderful World - 2 Loves Combined

From Mod Cloth
I am obsessed with this dress and may need to purchase it for my honeymoon as Bill and I span the globe together to Thailand!!  I am sure I will write more about that trip in teh future, both in anticipation and in remembrance.  All you need to know right now, is that I have a map obsession and love anything fashioned from one, so you can only imagine my excitement when I found this little number. 

I often time find myself wanting to be more fashionable and care more about the way I present myself.  However, I am also constantly reminded that the price of clothes adds up a lot.  What is most important to me is people, and clothes have to take a back seat to investing in others. 

Every once in awhile I run across something like this dress that fuses my map love and my desire to be fashionable.  Oh my, I can't imagine anything better.  It is almost as good as when I find map covered organizational items.  I love things that serve two functions :) 

What floats your boat?  For me it is maps! 

Anyone want to buy me this dress? :)

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