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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - My Own Creations

I love creating! 
So much. 

It is a passion for me and I love seeing little things I have made scattered around my apartment (and Bill's).  This post is a collection of some of my favorite things I have created or re-finished to make my own.  I love them all so much :)  Let me know what you think!!  I encourage commenting.

This clock hangs on the wall in our bathroom and everytime I see it I smile.  It turned out great and works perfectly.  Bill's dad helped me finish this project after I had painted and placed the buttons, and just remembering his patience and help makes me feel loved.

This is my bedside table.  Bill's aunt was getting rid of it and had used it all through college, and when she offered it to me I gladly took on the project!  We went to Bill's parents and borrowed their sander, after picking up this wonderful orange color in the OOPs section at Home Depot...  We spent an afternoon bent over this painting it and sanding it, but at the end of the day, I was so glad we did it.  I love the color and finished project!

Crocheting used to be a serious passion for me.  I want to pick it back up soon, but have not found the time to make it a priority lately.  However, a few years ago I made this purse for my baby sister and I LOVE how it turned out.  The colors and stiches all became exactly as I wanted them to be and I know she loved it so much.  I hope she still carries it around!

While this picture is a little blurry, you get the general idea!  This tray has been blogged before, and my love for it has not changed.  Everytime I transport food using it, I smile.  It is covered in pictures of foods and drinks that I love, and this tray is like a visual treat for me.  I am SO glad I made it :)

What projects have you done over the last year or two? 

What little items in your home make you smile?


  1. My current obsession is our bedroom furniture. First I found end tables, matching for $40. Spray painted them black, next found an bedframe that was inexpensive but needed some TLC. Painted it black, then my dad helped make new support rails as the ones we got were damaged. I smile every time I look at my bed because I love it so much! Next was the TV stand, again second hand. That was already black though. I am currently, and have been for months, on the hunt for dressers to re-finish. Only need two dressers and a bookshelf to finish the room!

  2. Mimi, thanks for sharing that! Isn't it wonderful to be surrounded by projects that come together :) I am So glad I am not alone in this. I hope you find those dresses and a bookshelf and complete that room! Good luck :)


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