Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Penny For Your Thoughts

What’s been on my mind lately? 

It’s strange because I always expect people to be able to answer that question for me… “What are you thinking about?”  However, when I ask myself the same question, lately I feel as though I have no answer.  A million things are on my mind.  Getting married, my dear friends and family, working out and  getting in shape,  car problems, finances, coffee, food, sleep (or lack there of), and everything else under the sun.  It is a huge jumble or emotional and professional and spiritual.  So, when I ask people how they are doing and what has been on their mind I am feeling like a little more patience is required…because more is required for me.

Bill and I have been working through a communication chapter of an engagement book, and I am really drawn to the part about listening.  Not because I think I am a bad listener, although that is probably part of it, but rather because I am so aggravated when people do not listen to me.  Have you ever been saying something really important and when you reach the end of your heart string the other person gives you a blank stare and says something like, “Sorry, I was zoning, can you say that again?”  That instantly makes me want to cry!

I think it is hard to be 100% present all the time and always be listening and responding well.  In fact, it is nearly impossible.  However, we must be accountable for ourselves.  Someone once told my sister, that all the energy she put into her relationships exhausted her and that they could never invest that hard into people.  I think that is such a cop out!  We all have the ability to give people 100%, it is just about waking up every day and emptying ourselves into others. 

Listen.  Respond. Repeat.

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  1. A great reminder. I fail constantly at being 100% present, glad we are always a work in progress and there is grace enough for me.