Monday, February 20, 2012

Life Lessons - It's Not About Them

I stole this little number from my sister's tumblr, and it really is a life lesson for me.  I am such a people pleaser, but what I need to remember is that you cannot make everyone happy.  Some people enjoy making others upset.  I need to keep forgiving, being kind, succeeding, being honest and sincere, building, being happy, doing good, and giving my best.  People will always find fault in our ways.  They will always question our intentions.

I am working hard to keep this in the front of my mind.  What frustrates me is when people tell me to stop being kind and working hard because there is no point and no one will change.  I like that this says not to give up and to keep working on the way you are.  Do not stop being happy or kind.  Always hold on to those things.  This affirms something in me.  There will be days where I feel beat up if I continue to live this way, but I should and it is worth it.

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