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A Valentine's House Double Date

We love this couple!  For Christmas Bill & I gave them a chocolate “gingerbread” house kit, and since it was already red and white themed, they decided we should do it for Valentine’s Day as a group.   This was SUCH a fun night J   We went out to dinner together (those pictures will be included in another post soon), and then we ran by Target and got all kinds of fun Valentines candy to decorate the house.   We laughed and talked and made a mess.   It was so wonderful.   I think what was most important, is that it allowed us to relax and just spend time being together.   So often I feel this pressure to get to know people deeply or to invest in their spirit, but laughter really is the best medicine.   We all were just glad to be able to relax around each other and let our guards down.   No need to impress anyone or prove anything.   We could just be ourselves, and there is such freedom in that. Courtney and Adam are so dear to us.   Adam has been my friend for 4 yea

Trading Spaces with Grounded Parenting

As promised, Hannah is guest blogging today, and you are all very lucky to be able to read this beautiful woman's words.  I am blogging on her page today, so make sure you head over there to check out what I have to say.  It's a good one today :)  Her blog really is a wonderful representation of a loving mother's perspective on life and all she is learning in her day to day.  Don't miss out on all she has to say. And without further ado... A couple weeks ago I was asked the question, "If you had to move tomorrow, where would you live?" It was a tough question to answer because there are so many beautiful places that I'd love to see and visit. What made it more difficult is the idea of living somewhere else. We've been so focused on building our life here, it's hard to imagine leaving it all behind. Yet, I can't deny the feeling that resists being so tightly tied to a little piece of the globe. That same feeling has been echoed in so

Introducing Hannah Ground Herman - Grounded Parenting Blog

I feel so privledged to introduce you to this beautiful and wise woman today.  We attend the same church and are even in the same Bible study, but it was not until I really started reading her blog that I got to know her heart.  Her writing astounds me, and I aspire to express my words as well as she does.  She is open and vulnerable, and in that lies a piece of her beauty.  She claims in her about me that she is "not very shiny in any particular creative field," however I beg to differ.  She is a writer if I have ever met one.  She is not afraid to speak the truth, and has a way to suck you into her every word. She is also an amazing mother.  You only have to spend a few moments with her and her girls to know how much she loves them and how she sees God in every move they make.  Her husband Peter is a huge support system for her, and the way he looks at her melts my heart.  They have love that surpasses all else.  They are an inspiring couple and family, and as I

Food I Ate Fridays - Cake Tasting

 Bill and I were walking and talking a little while back, and he mentioned to me that he was sad that we did not get to do all the fun tastings that couples get to do before weddings because we are getting married on the other side of the country.   Well, I could not handle my boy being sad, so I took the liberty to make a cake tasting appointment… just for the fun of it! When we showed up, they brought us three cupcakes (Chocolate with Chocolate Frosting, Vanilla with Strawberry Frosting, and Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting) and then showed us a list of icings we could pick from to taste with the cake flavors in front of us (We chose Coconut, Mocha, and Lemon).   We tried every combination at least twice, and made a huge mess in the process.   The smells in the bakery were insane, and the fresh baked goodies were unbelievable.   My personal favorite was the chocolate cake with the Coconut frosting… AMAZING! Our Experience at Susie Cakes in Newport Beach was so won

Engagement Picture Preview

Bill and I spent a Saturday morning with our dear friend Dave being in love and taking beautiful engagement pictures.  More to come, but for now you only get this one :) I am  thrilled to marry this man.  He is my best friend and I love him deeper daily.
When I read this I realize how hard this used to be for me.   I would have to force myself to sit and relax and spend time in quiet.   However, as I entered into this most recent season of reading and Bible study, I have also found my ability to relax increase substantially.   While it is not always my natural inclination, it is something I am much more comfortable with.   Spending time in stillness allows me to get in touch with my thoughts.   We should not be constantly over riding with external noise.   I like to prioritize this in the car.   I listen to the radio sometimes, but often I find myself shutting it off and focusing on the thoughts rushing around in my head.   I write them down when I get where I am going if I feel like I need to get something out or off my chest.   It really is so amazing to be able to spend time with only myself and nothing distracting. I actually think it is more than amazing, it is important to be intentional about working that time into

Meet Rachel!

Bill and I started sponsoring Rachel Kenedy Mbunda through Compassion International  in September of last year.  We both have her picture in places we will see it every day, and we actively pray for her future.  It is so amazing to me that through about $40 a month we can make a huge difference in her life.   She is able to pay for uniforms for school, food for her family, after school activities, English classes, and so so so much more.   I love being a part of her story. She has written to Bill and I a few times, and every time we cannot wipe the smiles off our faces.   Her sweet little spirit brings me to my knees in prayer.   I want her to succeed and I can only hope through our support she can find her worth in her creator, and that she will know that she is an amazing woman created in His image.   When we write to her, we encourage her to sing and be creative and study hard and never give up and to always remember we love her and are here for her if she needs us.   We ho

Life Lessons - It's Not About Them

I stole this little number from my sister's tumblr, and it really is a life lesson for me.  I am such a people pleaser, but what I need to remember is that you cannot make everyone happy.  Some people enjoy making others upset.  I need to keep forgiving, being kind, succeeding, being honest and sincere, building, being happy, doing good, and giving my best.  People will always find fault in our ways.  They will always question our intentions. I am working hard to keep this in the front of my mind.  What frustrates me is when people tell me to stop being kind and working hard because there is no point and no one will change.  I like that this says not to give up and to keep working on the way you are.  Do not stop being happy or kind.  Always hold on to those things.  This affirms something in me.  There will be days where I feel beat up if I continue to live this way, but I should and it is worth it. 

Seattle or Bust

 I am off to Seattle for the weekend with my brother, his Girl, me, and my boy :)  We have never gotten to spend this amount of time with just them, and are so excited to get to know them as a couple and as individual's and have good quality time exploring a new place. I can't wait to tell you all about our trip when I return, but for now, know that we will be taking in markets, water fronts, amazing food, men who throw fish, a fantastic hotel, and so much more. See you on Monday!  Have such a lovely weekend.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

What’s been on my mind lately?   It’s strange because I always expect people to be able to answer that question for me… “What are you thinking about?”   However, when I ask myself the same question, lately I feel as though I have no answer.   A million things are on my mind.   Getting married, my dear friends and family, working out and   getting in shape,   car problems, finances, coffee, food, sleep (or lack there of), and everything else under the sun.   It is a huge jumble or emotional and professional and spiritual.  So, when I ask people how they are doing and what has been on their mind I am feeling like a little more patience is required…because more is required for me. Bill and I have been working through a communication chapter of an engagement book, and I am really drawn to the part about listening.   Not because I think I am a bad listener, although that is probably part of it, but rather because I am so aggravated when people do not listen to me.   Have you ever b

What a Wonderful World - 2 Loves Combined

From Mod Cloth I am obsessed with this dress and may need to purchase it for my honeymoon as Bill and I span the globe together to Thailand!!  I am sure I will write more about that trip in teh future, both in anticipation and in remembrance.  All you need to know right now, is that I have a map obsession and love anything fashioned from one, so you can only imagine my excitement when I found this little number.  I often time find myself wanting to be more fashionable and care more about the way I present myself.  However, I am also constantly reminded that the price of clothes adds up a lot.  What is most important to me is people, and clothes have to take a back seat to investing in others.  Every once in awhile I run across something like this dress that fuses my map love and my desire to be fashionable.  Oh my, I can't imagine anything better.  It is almost as good as when I find map covered organizational items.  I love things that serve two functions :)  What

Be Encouraged - Give Everyone Your Best Love

 As some people are bitter on Valentine’s day because they do not have a romantic interest, I want to be an encouragement to keep working toward selfless love for everyone in your life.  We all have things to learn about life and love, and God has a plan for each life that does not look like what you may necessarily think you want.  He does promise to work all things together for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purposes.  Try to focus on that today, instead of on what you do not have.  If you do have a significant other, remember to love everyone as selflessly as you love that person.  Do not reserve your best love for them, give it to everyone. Be encouraged.  Love is a beautiful thing.  All love.  The love for a friend and family is equally as important as romantic love.  What we have is equally as important as what we want.  What is provided for us is equally as important as what we are striving for.  Always take a moment to appreciate the peop

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - My Own Creations

I love creating!  So much.  It is a passion for me and I love seeing little things I have made scattered around my apartment (and Bill's).  This post is a collection of some of my favorite things I have created or re-finished to make my own.  I love them all so much :)  Let me know what you think!!  I encourage commenting. This clock hangs on the wall in our bathroom and everytime I see it I smile.  It turned out great and works perfectly.  Bill's dad helped me finish this project after I had painted and placed the buttons, and just remembering his patience and help makes me feel loved. This is my bedside table.  Bill's aunt was getting rid of it and had used it all through college, and when she offered it to me I gladly took on the project!  We went to Bill's parents and borrowed their sander, after picking up this wonderful orange color in the OOPs section at Home Depot...  We spent an afternoon bent over this painting it and sanding it, but a

Take A Step Back - Don't Put Off Joy

Someone at my work sent me the following text and I found it really thought provoking.  We all need a good kick in the pants at times! "Too many people put off something that brings them joy just because they haven't thought about it, don't have it on their schedule, didn't know it was coming or are too rigid to depart from their routine. I got to thinking one day about all those women on the Titanic who passed up dessert at dinner that fateful night in an effort to cut back.  From then on, I've tried to be a little more flexible. How many women out there will eat at home because their husband didn't suggest going out to dinner until after something had been thawed?  Does the word 'refrigeration' mean nothing to you? How often have your kids dropped in to talk and sat in silence while you watched 'Jeopardy' on television? I cannot count the times I called my sister and said, 'How about going to lunch in a half hour? She would gas up

James: Mercy Triumphs Bible Study

 I am in the first week of this study, and I am already loving where it is heading.   This little paragraph sums up the theme really well.   I love that James has such a unique story.   He is   not just any person.   He was in Jesus life since the moment he was born, and I am sure he got tired of having a (literally) perfect sibling.   I know from personal experience being compared to a sibling by others is hard, but comparing yourself is even more exhausting.   I can’t say I would react differently than James.   There must have been things that got under his skin. I love the redemption and healing process James goes through throughout scripture to get from his denial and aggravation to understanding and even writing his own book on the subject.   Learning about his past has really helped me understand why his book of the Bible is so significant.   I think context in the Bible is half the battle.   It changes the meaning of some scripture and helps it become more applicable t

The Color Run

I have been so excited to share this with you from the moment I found it and decided to participate.  I alluded to it in yesterday's post, and now want to tell you all about the Color Run! Copied Directly from the website, "The Color Run is a one of a kind experience that is less about speed and more about enjoying a color crazy day with your friends and family.  For our events, it is all about participants of all different speeds, ages, shapes, and sizes toeing the start line.  Whether you are a casual morning mall walker or an Olympic athlete, the 3 miles of the Color Run course will be the most enjoyable real estate you’ve traveled in a VERY long time." Basically, you wear a white t-shirt and at each kilometer you have a powdered color thrown at you.  When you reach the end you have been hit with five colors and participate in a final color throwing ceremony.  This is the perfect way to start my 5K experiences. It will be fun and silly, while helping me feel a

Life Lessons - Discipline

The theme of this stage of my life is discipline. Discipline to eat well. Discipline to run consistently and stick to my training schedule. Discipline to do my Bible study (which you will hear more about this week). Discipline to invest consistently in relationships. Discipline to work hard at all I do. Discipline to pursue dreams. Discipline is defined as “activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training." I used to think I hated to run, but really I hate the fact that I suck at running – and that it would take discipline to push into being a decent runner.   It took all my energy, didn’t leave me feeling exhilarated, and didn’t seem to give me the results I wanted.   That is mostly because I would only do it for a week or two, and then I would give up because it was too hard.   I was sore and tired and over it. What if our parents gave up on us when we were growing up because of two weeks of discouraging behavior?   What if

Food I Ate Friday - Mutiny Pirate Bar and Island Grille

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to make a Food I Ate Friday Post about my Dad's newest Restaurant venture.  I got to go here twice while I was home over Christmas, and I loved every moment I spent there.   Fantastic island inspired food, a rum bar with over 100 different kinds of rums, an oyster bar with all the fixins’, and wonderful ambiance with family and friends. My own personal food pictures, my excited father, and the rum bar pictured above. The colorful mapped tables, big screen TVs with football playing all around us, chicken wings and French fries, and playful pirate d├ęcor gave it such a comfortable, yet classy feeling.   You do not feel like you are in a dive bar,   you feel like you are in a home atmosphere that has all the bar elements you wish you had in your own living room.   What a wonderful concept! Even if my family didn’t own this place, I would hang out here often.   They have a hit on their hands.   What my dad and Uncle Rob have down

Life Lessons - My Fears Revealed

Debt. What a scary word.   It stands out in my mind as one of the hardest things for me to get past mentally.   I already have debt in my life.   While my car is (FINALLY) paid off, I have school debt and credit card debt.   It feels like it will never end because as soon as some of this debt begins to disappear, I will be picking up a mortgage; life always seems to get in the way of paying things off. Every American seems to have problems similar to this.   However, I am trying so hard to not live outside of my means.   I am not trying to impress people.   My debt is simply a whirlwind of things that I actually need, not clothes and accessories and material possessions, but a car that runs, gas to get to work, and food to eat.   How did I get so far behind?   Why can I not just make a payment plan and not stress about it?   I am not nearly as in debt as others around me, and I still find myself believing I am worse off. Does anyone else struggle with fear that God does no

C'est la Vie - Rules To Live By