Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time at Home is Always Priceless

This is my beautiful family. 

They constantly blow me away.  

My time in Baltimore for Christmas is hard to put into words.  It was just what I needed and wanted.  I got to spend time with every member of my family, including Nikki (who was not with us for this picture), and I got to see how everyone is growing and changing and learning and adjusting to their new separate lives.  As the family grows and we each choose who we want to spend our lives with, I cannot help but smile.  I feel our family growing in an incredible way.  I obviously love Bill, but Cristina and Nikki and Josh are such fantastic additions.  Bill and my wedding will be the first time everyone will be in one place at the same time. 


It will be a day to remember.

I am so proud of each of these individuals (including my parents).  Everyone is making huge strides to be healthier in spiritual, mental, and physical ways.  Each person is learning to relate with others and give them the benefit of the doubt.  Every person is taking their time when confrontation arises and treating others with more respect.  We have to remember what it is like to be a family apart, as well as together.  They look different!

To my family, I love you all.  I think of you constantly – more than you know.  I cannot believe your love for each other and the depths of your hearts.  Fighting for our relationships from a distance will be necessary, but we can all do it.  Never doubt my selfless and unconditional love for you all.  I miss you every day we are apart and cherish every day we are together.

Cherish your family friends!  Be open with them and love them unconditionally.

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