Friday, January 6, 2012

A Season Of Reading - The Blue Sweater

As I have mentioned previously, I often start books, but rarely finish them.  I have bookmarks in dozens of books that get half read then put back on the shelf.  The interesting part, is that it is not for lack of interest, just for lack of attention.  What is humerous, is that Bill has an identical problem.  We both love reading, but are distracted by TV and other things.

So, in the spirit of the New Year, we have decided to not watch tv together (an occasional movie is ok), and to focus on reading.  On January 1st, I finished reading The Blue Sweater and felt a sense of accomplishment wash over me.  I want to report books as I finish them on here, because accomplishing a task you are held accountable for brings tons of esteem along with it.  So hold me accountable.  I Love Accomplishing Goals! I need to push through this and get back into my love for reading. 

The Blue Sweater was such a fantastic book, and validated some feelings in my heart and head.  It is the story of Jacqueline Novogratz and her journey through many a project leading her to becoming a trusted international force and follows her as she founds the Acumen Fund.  The author is a woman I relate with, and her heart's calling resonates with mine.  However, as I read I realized how much she sacrificed to do what she did.  While I want to say I can do it and I will one day, there is a part of me that wants to support people like her!  She has found her niche in what she did and is doing.  I would love to get involved in an organization like Acumen Fund, but if that is not the plan God has for me, I need to accept that. 

Whenever I read a journey of a woman like her, I am a little jealous deep down.  However, the reality is that that is her life, and she may be jealous of my wonderful family or fantastic fiance.  I have to remind myself that what I have is golden to others, and that the grass is always greener.  God has our best interests worked into the paths we take, and I feel as though I am in the right place.

Here's to a new season of reading and learning from other people's stories.  Who knows, maybe I will feel the opposite after the next book I read.  For now, I am going to be thankful for the life God gave me and the experiences he has brought me through.  I thought I would read this book and come out with a different perspective.  It's funny how that works...

Any suggestions on Books for me to read?!?

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  1. Nope never... Do you have the books that I can borrow?

  2. Redeeming love by her is wonderful!