Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Love is Sweet

Sometimes I feel like all I do is write about how much I love Bill.  I know people probably do not want to read about that all the time, but being engaged has been such an amazing season for me already.  I feel like I can’t contain it!.  The other day I even said to my roommate, “Bill and a white dress.  Those are the only details about the wedding I care about.” 

Well, I bought a dress last night, and when the girl asked me if it would be the dress I was wearing when I was walking down the aisle I started crying.  I know most girls dream of the perfect dress and this ideal wedding, but all I ever dreamed about was the perfect boy for me.  And I found him.  So in the middle of a Bridal Store with random people all around me I was crying as I realized how overwhelming it was to have a man who loves me and as trivial as a dress feels, it was the step I needed for it to begin to settle in.  They gave me a bell to ring in the store and I made a wish for our marriage.  It’s really starting to sink in.

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