Friday, January 27, 2012

Food I Ate Friday - Cooking with The Rogers

I cannot tell you enough how much I love my future mother and father in law.  I cannot believe I get to marry into their family.  It is such a wonderful thing to really be excited about your in-laws.  Bill was cut straight from his parents wonderful molds.  They are generous, loving people who have welcomed me with open arms.  It is a privilege to be a part of their life.

There is something about the cooking in this family… Absolutely delicious food, really well thought out and different every time.  I love that they care about quality.  I love that they love making things from scratch.  I love that they always ask me if I need anything.  Bill and I aspire to be like them in so many ways.  We hope to be as good of cooks as they are one day!! 

We had a wonderful time this Thanksgiving learning how to cook a few traditional items for Bill’s gigantic family.  We got to his grandma’s house early, drank coffee, spent time talking and got hands on while learning a lot!  I never mind showing up early or staying up late for these wonderful people.  We can never get enough time to be around each other.  I really love spending time with them, even if I fall asleep on their couch while every laughs and talks around me.

Also pictured are some fabulous dinners they have cooked for us, including Bill's dad's (also named Bill :) Famous home made pizza.  You haven't lived yet if you haven't had it!  It's out of this world.   

Everyone should be so lucky as me.  I am blessed beyond measure.

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