Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Secret Santa Week :)

In through the door I flew like a flash
Set down your gift, I hope it’s a smash!
Then with a twinkle and gleam in my eye
I quickly disappeared before you could spy
I can’t let you see me I have to be quick
You don’t know my name ’cause I’m your secret St. Nick!

This past week we had Secret Santa in the Office, and it was such a blast! 

For my office, it lasts a week and you leave a little treat for the person you have everyday, ending on the last day with the big reveal at a dessert party.  We fill out wish lists of our favorite treats and places, and then we buy items on the list for the person you have chosen. 

It really is a fun way to grow company morale within our cubicles :)

I got such lovely gifts (as pictured above), but what was more exciting was the difference between last year and this year.  I had just started working here last year when this event happened, but I participated anyway, and I did not know who anyone was.  This year I did the organizing, and people were asking me about the rules and details.  

It is truly amazing how much of a difference a year makes!  This year has been huge in my life, and I feel so blessed this holiday season to have paid off my car and be planning a life together with my best friend :)

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