Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Life Lessons - Living In A Broken World

A very dear friend of mine had a wise series of thoughts the other day.  She brushed them off as her babbling mind going into a weird space, but I found some truth in what she said.  I am going to attempt to break it down here, and if it comes out as gibberish feel free to ask me more and hash it out with me!

We live in a broken world.  God gave us free will from day 1 to exist and do what we wished.  God did not create brokenness, God created free will.  We, as a people, made choice after choice that led us to where we are.  Small nuances of change and ideals that shifted created a completely new idea of what is acceptable in society.  Think about how much has changed in just 100 years, much less over the course of all time.

God is not up in heaven dolling out punishment to those he doesn’t care for.  In reality, we as a human people are making decisions that are causing harm to others.  Maybe it is not a direct decision to harm someone else in a variety of ways, but we have the ability to cling to selfishness.  Necessity is a debatable item between America and African countries.  What we believe we need to survive is very different than what they need.  I do not believe God created that divide, people did…  Technology is an advacenment and a step backward.  Cars are a wonderful things, but without them we would not have car accidents.  We cannot blame a car accident on God; God invented people, we took technology to where it is. 

By creating us the way he did, he knew we may implode, but he did it anyway to give us the freedom to choose the right thing.  Anyone who has ever been in any kind of relationship knows that it feels better when someone offers something rahter than having to beg them to do something nice for you.  How much more true is this on a greater scale.  God doesn’t want to beg us to do the healthiest thing for ourselves… especially if he has already laid out how he wants us to live!

Really run this idea over in your head.  We should not be blaming God for things that are a product of a broken world.  Often people say they were born the way they are and cannot fight it.  People are a product of their environment.  There is so much truth to what they are saying with one exception.  They were born that way, we all are born pre-dispositioned to struggle with certain things.  However, you do have an active choice in front of you daily to deny your struggles and walk confidently in who you wish to be.  When it comes to strength, we all possess as much as we need! 

I’m still working through all this… give me grace to process.  I hope it sheds a little light for you and gives you a new perspective to think about.

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