Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Be Encouraged - Spreading Christmas Cheer

I sat for awhile considering how I could encourage someone today.  What are the perfect words to offer that will help change a perspective or a life just by reading them, and then it hit me!

I want to encourage you to be encouraging to others!  How wonderful is it when you receive a hand written note that encourages you in some way?  How blessed do you feel by someone complimenting your outfit and telling you that you look great?  How amazing is it when someone offers to buy your coffee when you are out?  How easy is this to do for friends?

Do those things for others! Encouragement does not come at a cost.  Think about it.  Do it.  It will only take effort.  It will be worth it.

I wish my blog reached hundreds of people so I coud start a revolution today, but I will have to just suggest an idea to the 40 or so readers I have aquired, and hope they pay it forward.  Do something nice for a stranger before Chirstmas hits, with the only follow up being to pass it on.  Leave a note on a complete stranger's doorstep of how valued they are and at the end say, "P.S. Spread the kindness you have felt."  You will never know if it worked, but I promise you that your heart will feel lighter.  

Imagine how amazing it would make you feel!  The holidays are coming, and it's time to spread the cheer.  Brighten someones day with nothing in return for yourself  :)

Be Encouraged friends... BE ENCOURAGING! 

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