Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"What Is This Teaching You?" - Be Encouarged

Ok, I know this isn't a typical question, but it really should be! What am I learning about love? What am I learning about Bill? What is being engaged teaching me about myself?!?

I still want to participate in encouraging people this week, as I have done many weeks before this.
I want to encourage selflessness.

I truly believe it is the key to success in relationship – yes, in a romantic relationship, but also in friendship and family and all that comes in life.  While my current excitement revolves around a wonderful romantic relationship, I have tried to concentrate on the other relationships in my life and giving them as much attention as I give my time with Bill.  I am truly engaged (lol) in all he is saying when we are together and I give him my full attention as much as possible.  I have even talked to him recently about putting my cell phone in my purse and leaving it there when we are together.  Media can be so distracting in this current society! 

I am learning that love, of any kind, takes tons of work and energy.  More than that, it takes devotion and dedication.  Being fully present and open about what is going on in your brain is of the utmost importance.  No one can read your mind – family, fiancé, or friends – and we should not get worked up and expect people to know why!  Communication is key.  How can this encourage you?  It is for freedom Christ set us free.  Look for freedom in the ability to be honest.  I know my relationships at this time are some of the strongest I have ever had because I am not afraid to be honest.  I know my marriage will last because I hold nothing from Bill and I know where his heart lies because he holds nothing from me. 

Be encouraged – honesty produces freedom.

My relationship with God should always be number one, and it is easy to get wrapped up in the high time of being engaged.  However, what I am trying to learn while things are good, is there is no time where I should be questioning God.  Right now, his favor seems on me.  But life is not a series of highs.  Lows are to come, and focus on God being the one sending the blessings now will help later when I am questioning the reality of him and his love for me. 

I know this seems like a series of ramblings, but I hope it encourages you in some way.  Focus on your relationship with God in the good times, so when tough times come you are strong.  It is the same with Bill.  I focus on my relationship with him now, so when we struggle or fight, I already have his character on my heart.  It is the same with my family and friends.  When someone offends me I know where their heart and head are, and I do not write them off instantly.  These symbiotic relationships are key to success in life. 

Be encouraged today friends! God has wonderful relationships in store for you.  Stuff absolutely does not matter.  What matters are the people surrounding you.  They are there for a reason, and you must invest or you will miss out.  I may not be engaged if I did not invest in my relationship with Bill! 

Take a chance on someone in your life – not necessarily in a romantic way, but just try to look at someone in a different light.  Everyone deserves forgiveness.  Live without bitterness..

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  1. so true! I blogged about something similiar today, too. "He must become greater, I must become less!" thanks for sharing!!