Monday, November 14, 2011

Re-Building Together Saturday Morning

Bill and I volunteered with my work and joined forces with Re-Building Together to fix up a Boys and Girls club in our local area.  We arrived at 730 am, started chugging coffee, and got down to business.  We both volunteered for landscaping and found ourselves hard at work leveling a patio that had been long awaiting helpful hands... at 8 am. 

We really had no idea what we were doing, but with the nod of the right people approving our hard work, we felt as though we were catching on.  By 9 am we had sunk into our roles gladly and could see the uneblievable progress unfolding.

Once the patio was more level, we were assigned to building a planter around these trees to finish the effect and make the patio that much more attractive.  You wouldn't believe the before and after!

While we took on this project with lots of other willing volunteers, there was a whole seperate group that spent time working on fixing the electricity problems they were having inside and painting the exterior and interior of the building.  It was really amazing how much we got done as one solid force that morning.   

It was truly an inspiring day with a solid group of people.  I hope to make this a more consistent part of my life, and not a once a year event.  I felt like I did something worth my time and helping others is something I want to focus more on.  I am always moved by the power of a group of volunteers and what can be accomplished.  This Saturday morning was no exception!

That's me... Dead Center :) 

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