Monday, November 28, 2011

"How Did He Do It?"

What a crazy week it has been!  My announcement has been all over facebook and so I guess I should write it to the blog world - I'm Engaged :)

I can't stop looking at my hand.  Bill completely took me by surprise and arranged an amazing proposal and story for us that I will never forget.I could not have dreamed up a better story or a better boy.  We fit together and I'm head over heels.

If you have heard it, you can read about it again... If not, put yourself in my shoes.  I felt like the most beautiful, blessed girl and can not believe the wonderful boy that God has graced me with.  I fell deeper in love with him through this process and I cannot believe how amazing this day was. 

  So... here is our very detailed story.  I hope it brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. 

I am not sure if I have let you all know about my bucket list, but it will be posted later this week :)  Bill knew I wanted to go on a blind date, but I took it off the list once we started dating, because I knew I would never go on a date with anyone else. 

On Saturday, November 19th, I had plans to go to some activities with my roommate and her mom and was standing by the door ready to go.  She came in the room and announced there had been a change of plans and told me I needed to put a blindfold on.  I stood in the middle of our living room waiting for what was to come.

Bill came into the room with sunflowers and my favorite coffee from coffeebean and bagels and lox for breakfast.  He told me this was my first and last blind date :)  I started crying because I had an idea what was going to happen that day.  He told me he had the whole day planned and I needed to pack a nice change of clothes, change into something I really liked, and be ready to go as soon as possible so we could get on the road. 

We started driving down to San Diego, and arrived in La Jolla after a beautiful drive talking and listening to music and soaking in the fresh air.  We had gone on our first real date in this park, and he had a picnic packed and a secret bag (that I would soon discover its contents).  I sat on the blanket blindfolded while he set everything up, and when I opened my eyes the secret bag was in front of me, as well as a beautiful picnic.

Now, I should interject that we go on picnics alot and play a game like frisbee or bocce ball often.  I have been bugging Bill to play catch with me, because I used to play all the time with my dad, and for some reason he has been dragging his feet.  Well, now I know why!  I pulled two gloves and a baseball out of the bag and he suggested playing catch until we got hungry.   

I loved the idea and instantly jumped to my feet.  We started throwing the baseball back and forth, and about ten minutes later it was not the baseball flying through the air towards me.  The ring box landed in my glove, and in my excitement I dropped it on the ground and frantically tried to pick it up.  In the meantime, Bill was running across the field, ring in hand.  He dropped to his knee, and said beautiful things about our future together and asked me if I would marry him.  I stopped crying for a moment to sputter out that I would be honored to be his wife!

We hugged and kissed in the place we first began our journey, and once we had called our immediate families, he told me there were more surprises and I needed to put the blindfold back on.  We headed downtown and into Balboa Park, which I am now officially obsessed with.  I was blindfolded walking into an atrium and took off my blindfold to reveal my Sister, Faith and her boyfriend, Josh.  I started crying already when I saw them, and then my baby sister Joy came running out of the bushes, who currently lives in Tennessee, my tears were uncontrollable.  The 3 of us sisters have not been together in 6 months and I miss our collective love.

It was amazing that he flew her in for me and had both of them there.  Truly perfect.  We spent the afternoon picnicing, walking, and laughing.  We had dinner in the city and he ended the night with an amazing surprise of tickets to see the Grinch the musical in Balboa Park.  It was incredibly wonderful and perfect for the group and for the sealer for the perfect day. 

Honestly, I am still in shock.  I can't believe it all.  He planned an entire day for me and did everything I would want and need and thought of me and our love and it was so special. 

This week will have an "I'm Engaged" theme :) Lots and lots of pictures to follow! Hopefully I will answer all the questions people have! Feel free to leave any and all questions you may be wondering!

If you can't tell, I'm so excited.  What an amazing man I have huh?

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