Monday, October 24, 2011

Weddings are Wonderful

There's something about a wedding.  There are a lot of important events in people's lives, but a wedding just really gets to me.  It is such a huge commitment and such an amazing blessing to have found a person you can envision spending your life with.  I am always taken aback by the commitment, and the moment that each person says, "I Do" I well up with tears.  It is such a beautiful promise.

Bill and I attended two sets of dear friends weddings back to back weekends and were so overwhelmed with how beautiful the couples were.  They have such genuine love for each other and for those in their circles.  They had unique aspects to their weddings and really just celebrated each other and their love.  I love when a wedding is not about the event itself, but rather it is about recognizing their community and coming together to celebrate what they do for each other in conjunction with everyone present.

Honestly, I get lost inside my little bubble and forget that people do not have it as easy as I do.  I am surrounded by loving people who care for each other and for God in such amazing and passionate ways.  Marriage is such a serious decision, and I am so glad these two couples have entered it as pairs and best friends.  They are inspiring and wonderful to be around and I know they will succeed.

Congrats Sim and Jo and Nate and Amanda!

Love you guys :)

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