Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Taste of Maine...

As we drove up the coast from Boston, through New Hampshire and into Bar Harbor, we drove through a few quaint seaside towns, past many an adorable cottage, and along side beautiful landscapes that stretched as far as our eyes could see.  We talked during the non-descript parts, and paid tribute in silence to the sights that took our breath away.

We spent around 5 hours in the car, stopped at outlets along the way, and had lunch on the water.  While many consider a driving day a waste of a day, it made us all smile to just be together and enjoy the views the entire way.  As we passed over the bridge into Maine my dad rolled down the window and screamed in his excitement.  The man was meant for this state!  We took in lobster dinner that night and enjoyed every bite of it.

We spent our second day in Maine taking it all in.  We went out to breakfast at a place called 2 Cats, to the Jordan Pond House, took the loop road around the island and observed tons of natural wonders, and shopped in town.  After all this we had a fabulous steak dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday at a restaurant called the Jack Terrier that was in an old house converted into a restaurant.  What a fantastic few days in the cool crisp Maine air.

I left with more cards, a shirt to sleep in, a fantastic new hat, and a few little things to take home with me.  However, the most important thing I took away was the memories.  Just writing about it is making my heart ache from missing it so much!  The entire time in Maine was relaxing, in the best way.  The motto for the state is, "The Way Life Should Be," and I have to say I agree with that!  The way I felt while there was simply under no pressure and there was no rush.  What a great way to live.

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