Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sam Adams Brewery & Marriott Custom House

The Sam Adams Brewery was something our entire group was looking forward to with eager anticipation.  Since Bill brews beer, I know all about the chemical processes and was excited to see how it all worked on a mass distribution side.  This brewery tour exceeded my expectations as our guide had a thick accent, loved his job, and treated us to the most delicious beers.

He had us taste different grains and smell hops.  He took us through the brewery and taught us what each piece of equipment did.  He took us into the tasting room and explained how everything he said was translated into what we were drinking.  He taught us the ideal shape of a glass to get the best beer drinking experience.  He made us laugh.

We found out at the end of our time at the brewery that we could get free glasses if we took a shuttle to a local pub around the corner and bought a drink.  The bus driver blasted Sweet Caroline and sang along taking sharp corners and driving like he had had a few drinks!  We got snacks and beers and took it all in. By the end of all this, we had t-shirts and glasses and couldn't believe we had never been there before.  It was a wonderful experience!

We headed back to our hotel to change, and I quickly remembered how fantastic the hotel was that we were staying in.  The clock tower beckoned to me as reminiscent from a Disney movie and I was completely overwhelmed by the rotunda in the lobby.  What a perfect place for this girl!  I felt like I was in a fairy tale the entire time I was in this fantastic city!

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