Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pinterest Inspired Fall Fashion

I know, I know, generally I am not big on posts about clothes or fashion.  However, as I was scrolling through pinterest this past week, I ran across a few clothing/outfit pictures that I could not help but share!

I really love the first outfit and would absolutely wear it.  Sorry I cannot tell you where to get everything, as this is all that is offered on pinterest, but it seems like some pretty amazing basics - which by the way is my favorite look!  I LOVE the purse and may track it down somehow :)

This second outfit is lovely.  I might have a tough time with the necklace, but I just love the overall soft feel.  Nothing abrasive about it.  It looks classy and sophistocated and I LOVE feeling that way! 

I have had this urge to buy cozy things lately since I have to dress nice for work, however I can never make comfrotable clothes look high fashion!  I wish I could look a little more intentional and less lazy.

Don't you love that sweater and socks! I want to drink some tea and read a book while wearing them :)

This last outfit reminds me most of me and my style.  I love it all!  The colors are bright and friendly and I also love ice cream in cones (ha).  The distressed comfortable jeans are my favorite.

I am not a super typical girl, but this post really made me happy to share! 
Let me know if you want more like it. 

Happy Thursday Friends :)

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