Monday, October 17, 2011

Painting Pumpkins and Fall Fun

Mikaela and I wanted to add more fall touches to our apartment this week, other than just a centerpiece for the dining room table.  We decided to take on a pumpkin painting project!  I personally do not enjoy pumpkin carving, because I have never successfully carved anything that I loved. 

But, as we all know, I LOVE painting :)

We started with blank pumpkins and grilled cheese and tomato soup.  The paints came out and the inspiration flowed!  Music played in the background and we truly just gave into the process.

Mikaela decided to do an argyle pumpkin and I started working on a chevron pumpkin.  Mine required a self-made stencil and Mikaela traced hers onto the pumpkin itself.  We were loving the process and laughing at all the imperfections in our paintings (you can see the silly section where mine didn't quite line up right here!).

We were so proud of the finished products!  Most importantly, they made us smile and the bright colors really improved our moods.  What a wonderful time with a dear friend.
Sorry about the bluriness!


I decided to spread the love and paint Bill (and his roomies) a pumpkin as well.  Baseball is a mutual obsession in his mancave, so upon Mikaela's suggestion a baseball pumpkin was born.  I was SO proud of it and it made Bill so happy.   Win Win!

If pumpkin carving intimidates you, give pumpkin painting a try!  I loved it :)

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