Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meals With Momma

When our mom comes to town we are usually running around trying to take her to new places she has never been.  We want to show her Los Angeles, San Diego, and everything in between.  We are so excited to see her we have tons of plans and things to do and we rush around until exhaustion sets in.  This trip, we laid low.  We had meals together and relaxed.  We laughed and had great conversation and didn’t let rushing around distract us from what was important, time with our mom!

We got the privilege to share meals with Josh, Mikaela, Bill, and his parents as well!  These pictures are a collection from the meals we had the chance to partake in while we were relaxing and being family.  All those people are dear to my heart and spending time being together is all that matters. 

This trip was so amazing for so many reasons, but mainly because it was stress free.  When it comes to my mom, she is our best friend and just having her near is what we want.  I cried when I left her at the airport, because I need my mommy and I don’t care who knows it. 

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  1. This post makes me smile, because it is exactly what I do with my own mom now, too. We are usually doing a hundred different things, but the most memorable times are the moments that surround a meal and good conversation. I wouldn't trade that for anything.

    And I know how hard it is to say goodbye and leave your Momma at the airport. I did the same thing. :( Hugs!