Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Freedom Trail

Day 3 of my trip and we still have not made it up the coast at all!  Boston just had so much to offer and the pictures turned out great.  The first day we were there, we took off on a pre-set trail that goes through the heart of the city and chronicles the history that took place each step of the way.  Each place we went held a significant meaning for the city to this day, and we visited lots of sights that I recognized from growing up and reading all about them.  

There was a red line painted on the ground to help you track your way through town.  The trail was about 2.5 miles long and led us through Boston Common, into the Italian district (which held the most incredible smells in the world), and over the water to see the shipyard.  There were such amazing buildings and every sign describing the history of the location baffled me.  It is easy to forget how much trailblazing needed to be done in order to make our country what it is today.

As we walked there were points in which we were silent and there were points in which we talked a lot.  I think we each took it in in different ways.  History should be something that is an important part of every city, and knowing where it came from and how it came to be what it is may help you understand the people better.  We covered a lot of ground in Boston (literally) and really learned why these people are so loyal to their city.

Standing in Front of Paul Reveres House
As we finished up this part of our day, we took a ferry ride back into the city and the view from the boat overwhelmed me.  After we had learned where this city came from, to see it a distance with a perfect temperature with people I love made me so exhilarated for more.  This day made me so happy, because this group of people if who I get to share life with indefinitely  What an amazing day and what an amazing city!

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