Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Trips and Coastlines

Bill and I took a day trip to San Diego last weekend and got in the car without a plan.  It was a dreary day with tons of fog and haze.  I wore a scarf all day and relished the cool breeze against my skin.  This was was exactly what we needed.  No plan at all, just each other.

Normally, Bill and I take take the quickest route to get to our destination, but with no ultimate place in mind we just drove down the coast and stopped where we wanted.  We toured a college we had heard about but never seen.  We found a statue downtown reminiscent of war times that made me think of my grandfather and the sacrifice he made for this country.  We found a fantastic new restaurant with unique cocktails and delicious food.  We discovered new beach towns and took it all in while holding hands.

We saw Bill's Aunt Donna last week at his grandma's birthday, and she said she can tell by reading my blog that he is the love of my life, and I know this to be true.  When she said it, I was overwhelmed by the reality.  Sometimes I feel like I do not deserve him - he is amazing.  

I believe in him with my entire heart.  I pray for him constantly that he will continue to know all that God created him to be and discover more about who he is in Christ everyday.  Whenever he tells me something new he is learning I am blown away to have this prayer answered time and time again in ways I never saw coming.  

I consider myself blessed to have his family becoming mine and to have his heart match mine so closely.  All relationships should be open and honest, and I am lucky to have found that in him and in so many other people in my life.  Thanks guys :) You know who you are.

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  1. why didn't bill dip you in front of the statue?? missed photo op man, I'm disappointed.