Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trading Tasties at Joe's

I asked a bunch of people what their favorite items from Trader Joe's were this past week, and the answers were overwhelmingly diverse! I knew people liked different treats from here, but a ton of people said completely different things.  I thought I would share some pictures of the various answers I got, because I want to encourage us that although what we always get is the best, maybe we should try other people's tried and true favorites.

So, for your viewing pleasure, take it all in!  Comment away and ask me what other items people said, or leave your own Trader Joe's favorites!  I am excited to try everyone's suggestions :)  The great news is there is so much out there that I am sure you have not tried, so go with one of these pictures and search it out in the store.  I trust all your judgement and think so many of these items sound so delicious.

Good luck with your new ventures friends! Let me know how they go.

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