Thursday, September 15, 2011

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things


I love feeling like a million bucks and dressing up for work!

I love, love, love tiffany lamps, and this one sits right beside my bed.

I love my bunny and his crazy mane of hair.

I love Teuscher Coffee, Ashley Waterhouse, and Mikaela Holford.

This week I have been feeling as though I take these things for granted.  Not everyone has nice clothes, furniture they love, pets, wonderful friends, or the ability to afford fancy coffee.  I feel so blessed when I take a moment to meditate on my blessings.  If I just rush through life I tend to forget how fortunate I am.  I took a bike ride this past weekend and tried to focus on what God is doing in my heart and how many prayers he has answered for me this year.  I was truly amazed when I took a step back.  Every picture above represents an answer to prayers.  Money, a home I love, that little furry man, and wonderful friends to be with when I need them and when they need me. 


  1. What a precious lamp! So gorgeous. I love how you worded it too, every picture an answer to a prayer. This week even when my dog tried eating a pair of my shoes, it was an answer to the prayer to build our furbaby family! I love this post :D

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! I love what God teaches me through the simplest of things. Your words have been so encouraging to me lately and believe it or not you are an answer to prayer yourself. Thank you!

  3. Yahooo I made the Blog...even if i don't like that photo on mik and I!! Oh well! I love you too girl!! It was great to spend sometime with you that day!

    I'm free tomorrow if you'd like to hang out again!