Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taking A Sick Day

My mom is coming into town this weekend! I am so excited to see her, even though I just saw her last weekend :)  I cannot see her too much and love having my mommy around.

I have decided in lieu of rushing posts and making them happen quickly and not as great as possible, I will do something slightly out of character and take tomorrow off.  I need to clean my apartment and I have been extremely sick for a week and need to rest and not worry about blogging and sorting out my thoughts.  I need to take medicine and sleep and eat soup and drink tea. 

I have also decided next week will be a week of posts revolving around my trip last week and you will hopefully get to see it all.  The following week I will return to posting as normal and join a bunch of link up parties (in hopes of getting more blog friends and followers) :)  Hope this all sounds good to you, because it's official and it's happening.

Thanks for your patience in my lack of ability to put words and pictures together.  Sometimes when you're sick, your head is cloudy and you just can't concentrate.  Hopefully Monday I will come back full force. 

Have a great weekend friends!

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