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The Rules of Attraction

There is something to be said for innocence and gentleness that classic movies bring.  The romance is so different and less physical, it seems so genuine.  Movies today revolve around sex and physical attraction.  I can't believe how many women buy into it as something that can really jump start a relationship.  If a man thinks you are attractive enough he will fall in love with you... what a lie society tells!  Women find their value in men thinking they are hot, and honestly it breaks my heart. 

These movies make me smile because they are about a man loving a woman because of her charisma.  Sure he is attracted to her, because she is beautiful, but it is about what he sees in her personality and heart that makes him choose her.  What a picture of love.  Not about staying in perfect shape, but about having personalities that mesh and mold to build the other up and make each other happy.

However, there is something I find lacking in both current cinema and movies of old.  Generally the theme is an attention grabbing woman, and the man that falls for her.  Rarely is there a movie about an off-color man and a plain jane girl who falls for him.  I wish they showed that more.  Not only does it put pressure on the girl to be fabulous and stand out from the crowd to be noticed, it also lessens the man.  They are just there with no personality.  

I call for a drastic re-write of romantic comedies and old musicals and everything in between.  How about two fabulous people like minded in important matters and of the same faith coming together as one unified person and complementing each other.  I love knowing I am a fabulous woman with my own individual personality, but I also love the personality of the man I am with and how his plays into mine and together we make the most sense.

I wish every woman found her value in Christ and knew her worth.  The women in these old musicals exude confidence, in contrast to the women in current cinema.  There has to be a balance of all of these things.  As I type and write I realize that not all these thoughts are connecting, but I think thats ok.  I only hope I've provoked thoughts of your worth, whether you are a man or a woman.  And that the next romantic movie you watch you stop wishing you were in their shoes, because reality is not being portrayed.


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