Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reflections on Heather Time

Sometimes when people come to visit it feels like a whirlwind and like they are leaving as soon as their plane lands, last weekend with Heather was one of those times.  I miss her desperately, not because I need anything from her, but because she is so genuine, real, and down to earth.  She tells me what is really going on in her life, and sometimes I hate all the sugar-coating people do.

While we may just look like 2 generic, unoriginal girls in all these pictures, I assure you our friendship is much deeper and meaningful than can be captured on film.  I think it's really hard to be friends from a distance when one of your love languages is quality time!  Just being around someone is how both Heather and I show love to our friends, but unfortunately we cannot do so right now, and it has become a stressor on us both.

I hope that instead of this trip being something that reminded her of what she is missing at home, it was more of an encouragement that she still has a friend out there who sends positive energy her way and gives her a reason to believe in friendship once again.

It is always interesting to spend time with someone you rarely get to see, but once felt so close to.  You assume you can pick up where you left off, but it's not always that easy.  For Heather and I, it is second nature.  We are successful and always will be.  I have become somewhat of an expert at overcoming the awkward silence that accompanies time apart and then a rush of time together.  I'm not sure what would happen if the opposite had been true.

I think there is something to be said for similar journeys.  When you cannot relate to someone else's struggle it is hard to feel as close to them.  Even though you can be 100% honest and open and loving, you do not understand each other.  You have not gone through it together, or you have never gone through it... Heather and I went through similar journey's and came out simultaneously.  We became people we could be proud of and we dropped a lot off our backs that we were both ashamed of and carried around as a weight.  That in and of itself is an accomplishment.  Finding our friendship amidst that is an achievement. 

What a blessing she is to me! I hope she can visit again soon :)


  1. I adore you. You are such a blessing to me in so many ways. I can't agree more with everything you said- I wish I could be more original than saying "ditto" but DITTO!. My visit to CA to be with you and Bill was a welcome distraction and relaxing despite its whirlwind activities. Love you so much

  2. PS- I had a tea latte today- it is not at all the same without you next to me =(