Monday, September 12, 2011

A Perfect Fall Ensemble...

This weekend we had a rain storm and the temperature dropped at least 10 degrees, but it still doesn't feel like fall does at home in Maryland.  However, a week from tomorrow Bill and I are headed to Boston to meet up with my parents and it will absolutely feel like fall there!  This made me wish (only for a moment) that I had extra money to buy fun fall clothes.  I just LOVE fall clothes :)  I love scarves and coats and tights and boots!  They all fill me up with joy.

However, since I am not independently wealthy, I decided to pretend for the sake of a lovely fall blog post, that I could find a wonderful outfit for fall and show you guys what I want.  I could never afford this, but I think it's fun to imagine/pretend.

Oh how soft and wonderful these clothes would be :)

ScarfCoat, and Boots.

I love love love these colors and silhouettes and everything about each of these items.

Do you love them as much as me?  What's your favorite fall thing to wear?


  1. love love love that outfit. I'd wear that.

  2. I would like to make you my personal stylist- I would never have put these things together (my mind doesn't work that way) but i LOVE IT. Lets become insanely wealthy and spend out days shopping and traveling....and visiting all the zoos in the US.

  3. Honestly Heather, I would love to be a stylist/home designer. I even looked into going to school for it... who knows maybe I will design your house and wardrobe all the time when we win the lottery :)