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It's The Little Things and Food I Ate Fridays Combined!

An old friend of mine, Lindsay, whom I met back in Maryland and now lives in Hawaii with her husband, runs a much more successful blog than mine with sponsors and banners and a sophisticated camera.  She has such a sweet spirit and a lovely way with words, I enjoy checking her page everyday!  Well, this week she has something new going on and I hope I can successfully participate.  For someone as "technologically challenged" as me, you would think this blog thing wouldn't be such a natural fit! I am also trying labels for the first time today! 

Look at me branching out :)

She has a series of posts called "It's The Little Things" where she discusses little things during her week that made her smile or brought sunshine into her life... sounds just like me huh?  She wanted to have a link up party where a bunch of people posted on the same theme and link to her blog and put all our posts in one place.  You can read all about it on her page! And check out everyone else's posts. 

If you found my blog through Lindsay's "Link Up Party," Welcome!  I love new readers.  Comment away!

I normally do "Food I Ate Fridays," on Fridays, so I thought I would combine the two, because the food in my life is defintiely one of the little things I appreciate :)

This is a California burrito...It is kind of a San Diego staple and SO delicious.  It involves carne asada, french fries, a bunch of cheese, salsa fresca, and of course guacamole!  San Diego in general makes me smile, it is about 1 1/2 hours from my apartment, and any time I have a chance to make the day trip there, I gladly take it.  This hole in the wall Mexican place knew what was up and really delivered. 

While this may seem self-explanatory, this is called a Pizookie (a pizza cookie).  You may think, "Well, I could make that at home," but you just can't do it as well.  It comes in a bunch of flavors with perfect vanilla ice cream on top, and it is just glorious.  We got a chocolate chip and an oreo and it was purely wonderful.  Heather even said she would move here just for this treat, I was unnecessary at that point!

You may have read about Bruxie on my previous Food I Ate Friday post. It is worth writing about again.  This time we got a few strawberry lemonades, a smores waffle, a smoked salmon waffle with dill cream cheese and cucumber, and a buttermilk friend chicken and waffle, which stole a piece of my heart once again.  Honestly, every bite was great. I am SUCH a foodie, and I can't get enough of this place. 

Yum Yum Yum.

I am pretty sure my consistent dieting played a part in this post, as I took the weekend off while my bestie was in town!  You will get a few posts about her visit next week.  And just for an update sake, I have lost 15 pounds and enjoyed every morsel of this fatty food while she was here.  Back to salad and fish for me :(

Have the most loveliest of all weekends.  See you Monday!

Aisle to Aloha


  1. It's a good thing I took pictures of everything we ate over the weekend.. Now I'm sad I didn't capture the stuff from Mama D's on camera!

  2. Visiting you from the lovely Lindsay's new link-up! I love this post - I mean, come is SO GOOD (and now I am hungry), but I have to say that I was really touched by your honesty in your "About Me" page. I just love coming across new blogs and finding authors who write with honesty; it's very refreshing. Writing is so cathartic; it's such a great way to work through a lot of the "stuff" we go through...and it always helps to connect with others who can commiserate, make us smile or just get us to laugh at ourselves. :)

    Have a beautiful day...nice to meet ya!


  3. We lived down on Coronado when we first moved to SoCal and obviously weren't too impressed with the "local Mexican" food we thought we would find in San Diego... now we live up in the North County and LOVE the food here! We live in small town Fallbrook (just outside of Camp Pendleton, and right by Temecula) and have had the best Mexican food- I never want to leave! I will never forget the first time we had tacos with fries at Del Taco- what a shock that was!
    I'm hopping over from Lindsay's (and can be found at Seek Ye First) and am so excited to look around and see more from you :D Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Stopping over from Aisle to Aloha! Your post totally made me hungry!! Haha You go girl for those weight loss goals. I am stuck at -8 lbs!


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