Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Need More Time

Sometimes I sit to write and posts flow out of my head and into the universe in perfect rhythm and happiness, and other time I sit in front of my computer with plenty to say, but have no idea where to start. Today is the later.  I have 400 pictures of my recent trip and, and I need more time to sort through them and make succinct posts with quippy titles and collages of pictures.  

I need more time to sort through my emotions of being separate from my parents and only seeing them for a few days at a time.

I need more time to put into words all the glorious food and smells and experiences.

I need more time to relax and unpack and just be back home.

I just need more time to process my trip...

You will have to wait for my head to catch up with my heart.  

This is all I have for you today folks.  Just a girl trying to learn the lessons God is trying to teach her and put them all into words.  

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