Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Flavors - Food I Ate Friday

I started off the week with a post about fall, and I'm ending it that way too.  Get used to it, I love fall! :)

This week I was walking around the grocery store getting the usual suspects, and I stopped dead in my tracks while looking at creamer - peppermint mocha creamer was back on the shelf! Fall is here (and winter is right around the corner!)  I then started walking through the store and found a bunch of fall items.  I bought the creamer and made peppermint hot chocolate, and I could not contain my excitement.

I always hear people excited to get their pumpkin spice lattes and I wish I shared in that excitement, but it doesnt matter because other treats tempt me.  Whatever your fall flavor may be, go out and treat yourself! 

Get in the spirit. 
Snuggle up under a blnaket. 
Watch a movie with colorful leaves in a scene. 
Drink a warm drink. 
Wear a scarf. 
Whatever it takes :) 
Enjoy it!

Tomato Soup, Peppermint Creamer, and a Cranberry Orange Nut Bread Clif Bar for me please!

What are your favorite fall treats?

1 comment:

  1. I just can't wait for my first pumpkin spice of the season!