Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Sweet Birthday Party for a Sweet Little Boy :)

Mikaela got invited to a 1 year old's birthday party that she babysits for and she invited to come along for this sweet celebration.  Of course I obliged, knowing it would bring a smile to my face to be surrounded by little ones for a few hours, and I was not let down!

The details that Wyatt's mom and dad put into this party were unbelievable and well though out.  They seemed so happy as this lovely little blonde family.  They had a sweets station in addition to a cake table and snacks and coloring and a wall of pictures and a hour and half video!  It was really amazing how much work they put into this day.

This pictures makes me smile!  Meet the birthday boy in all his glory :)  You cannot see his Paul Frank T-Shirt, but he matched his parents and they all were smiling the entire time.  Mikaela loves this little one and she truely enjoys babysitting for him!

What a lovely time we had, and we left feeling so comfortable with this group of wonderful people.  We made fast friends and talked about our lives and its always nice to have a small reminder that people are people and that genuinely nice families exist and are thriving. 

I want to go to more 1 year olds birthday parties after this one!

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