Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summertime and the Livings Easy... Sublime and 311 Concert!

Alright, so I admit that these pictures leave a lot to be desired, but I don't care because this concert was AMAZING!  Bill and I love these bands and we went with Bill's cousin Eddie and his wife Michelle who also loved the music.  We could not have had much more fun! There is something about listening to music you loved 10 years ago that makes you feel alive and nostalgic.   This was a night I was looking forward to for a long time – we bought our tickets months ago – and it did not disappoint.   We laughed and drank beer and danced and had the BEST night. 

Afterwards we went to In N Out for a post concert meal and a burger and fries have never tasted so good.  Time with Eddie and Michelle is always a blast, and I feel so blessed to have Bill’s family becoming such good friends of mine.  Michelle and I share such a wonderful bond and she is so caring with such a huge heart.  I love that even though Bill doesn’t have any siblings, he has Eddie who is like a big brother to him and would do anything for him.  What a perfect night! 

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