Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Plant Stand

You know those times when you are going somewhere because someone told you about it or you have driven by it a million times and always wondered?  Well, me and my friend Beth explored one of those places a few weeks ago and were more than plesantly surprised!

 I couldnt believe our luck when we walked into this picture as the first thing that graced our eyes! There were plants everywhere.  It felt alive and fresh and like I was surrounded by clean air and sunshine.  The vegetables grew freely into the walkway and the flowers stood at attention in the most regal and elegant way. People purrused and wandered about - some aimlessly and some with great purpose. 

Watering cans hung in a line above racks and racks of flowers and warehouses of plants stood beside it.  Everything you can imagine stretched far beyond your eyes reach.

The intircate touches like these signs made it homey and not overwhelming.  It was all open with no doors, just warehouse walls that roll up and down.  You could wander in and out for hours.

I stood by this faucet and listened to its trickling down noise and found myself relaxing and contemplating how much life these plants brought to me.  There was something about the openness of the space that made me feel free to explore and find a plant I loved.  I need to find mroe places like this... or visit this one more often!

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