Monday, August 1, 2011

A picnic + a drive-in = a lovely evening

A few weeks ago Bill and I went to a drive-in movie.  We packed a lovely little picnic, toasted champagne, and watched two movies (one from our blankets beside the car, and one from the warmth of the car.  It took me by surprise how much I loved it, even when the movie we saw left ALOT to be desired.  

The sun was beginning to set as we pulled into the parking lot and we took out our picnic beside the car. Cheese and crackers, strawberries and champagne, and olives and salami were the main ingredients to our  pretty little arrangement.  We had a few small cutting boards and some plastic glasses and we toasted to us.  What a relaxing night!

I know this last picture is just ok, but sometimes I have a hard time focusing on pictures when I am with my boy on a night like this.  I often just aim for documentation.  We enjoyed each other's company and enjoyed the 45 minute trip home.  While on the ride home, Bill looked over at me and smiled as I closed my eyes and it made me feel so loved.  What a perfect ending to a wonderful night!

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