Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life Lesson From a Chinchilla :)

As I was wandering through a pet store a while back, my sister found this little guy sleeping in the corner of his cage like this.  Breathing in and out slowly, as if in the middle of his REM cycle and I could not help but think I related.  While this picture is a few years old, my feelings still remain the same.  Sometimes, I go until I could fall asleep at my desk or in the middle of a project or standing in the corner somewhere :)

How can this be avoided?  Is stretching yourself thin ok?  Or, should we go with all our energy until we fall asleep somewhere strange?  I know that for me I cannot be fully present with someone if I am exhausted.  For this reason, I make every effort to maintain a healthy balance of rest and exercise and activity. 

Being present with those around you is something COMPLETELY underestimated in society.  Don't kill yourself to see everyone if you can't be a good friend when you have arrived.  Enjoy the company you are surrounded by and, and give your full attention always.  Put down your cell phone, stop surfing the internet, and listen or play a game or go for a walk.  I am just as guilty as anyone else, and I'm calling myself out too.  Nothing means more to me than someone really listening and responding and hearing my hearts desires.  However, I sometimes do not return that favor for others.  My conscious effort begins now. 

It is amazing where my mind can go with nothing... a picture of a chincilla sleeping in the corner of his glass cage and I turn it into a discusion on being exhausted and being present...

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