Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inspiration in Impressionism...

For being an admittedly artistic person, I definitely do not appreciate all art as an understanding and fair artist should.  I definitely judge attempts like this...

I mean really... it is a canvas painted in 2 solid colors! You should not be able to make money off of it... It's simply outrageous to me.  This is what impresses me...

I have been recently more and more intrigued by impressionism.  I know I am far removed from its time!  While some may think of what time period they feel they would have been best suited for because of political movements or social changes, my mind tends to wander towards artistic movements.  I am not a modern girl in this regard... I would live in the time of the impressionists and let them teach me all they knew.  The painting above belongs to Monet and the painting below belongs to Van Gogh.  They take my breath away with the color and style and unique take on everyone and everything they paint.  It inspires me in a way modern art cannot.

My favorite part about this post is how subjective art is and that you do not have to agree with me.  Perhaps you have looked over these paintings and thought that they were awful and uninspiring to you... I love that whatever floats your boat can go right on floating it and I will be inspired by what inspires me.  No one is forced into an artistic box.  Like what you like, but no matter what find something that encourages that part of your soul.  It's a terrible thing to waste.  I leave you with an inspiring work I ran across on my search for paintings to share with you.  

I couldn't find any details, although I believe the artist goes by the name "Stushie."  This drawing, made from what appears to be chalk, got my mind spinning on possibilities with different mediums.  I will explore my options while you bask in what this has to offer your soul.

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