Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Love Vegas - Group Pictures and Good Times

Last weekend I went to Vegas with Christian and Cristina (my twin and his wife) and my boyfriend Bill.  The four of us randomly get a lunch or breakfast when Bill and I are in Maryland every once in awhile for an event of some sort, but 2 whole days uninterrupted time is impossible to come by, and something I will treasure always.  The entire time was spent together and I felt like Christian and Cristina got to know Bill better and I got to see them for who they are without any obligations or confusion or holidays thrown in.  We always love each others company, but it is just so few and far between normally.

These pictures of the 4 of us hanging out and being friends are so important to me.  Sometimes you do not realize you needed something until it happens and you are overwhelmed with a sense of calm.  Bill and I had such a wonderful time with Christian and Cristina and we felt like the 4 of us will figure out a way to be close across our 3000 mile gap.  I loved every moment we spent together and I feel so glad to have had it all happen the way that it did!

Thanks for such a wonderful weekend Christian and Cristina!  I hope we can do it again one day :)  Bill and I had the best time... Maybe next time we will meet somewhere on the East Coast so you guys can drive and we can rent the Sweet-A convertible!

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