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Food I Ate Fridays - Hot Dogs and Rootbeer

There is something about a hot dog and a (root)beer at a baseball game that makes them taste even better.  Bill, Adam and I went to watch the Angels play the Orioles on Sunday and the game was at 12:30.  Included in the price of our $11 tickets were wonderful seats, a hot dog, and a soda!  We waited until the end of the 3rd inning to get our food, and with excitment rushed out to the hot dog stand.  3 hot dogs, 2 rootbeers, and a pepsi later we were back in our seats discussing how there was no other place we would have rather been. 

I'm just going to tell you that I love hot dogs all the time!  I think its fun that people like them differnt ways.  Adam just wanted Ketchup, while Bill and I did spicy brown mustard and ketchup and onions (and we would have done peppers if they had some)... We love trying different things on hot dogs (although we haven't done much of that since we started dieting), and so many things work! 

My favorites are pretty classic - I love a good chili cheese dog or simply spicy brown mustard, ketchup, and jalapenos. I know hot dogs are unnatural and not good for you, but I love them.  If you are reading this and love hot dogs as much as me, check this Food Network link out!

What do you like on your hot dogs? 

The reflection in Bill's glasses is so fun!

If you know me at all you know this picture sums up my personality :)

We sat in the sunshine talking about how great going to sporting events is, and how privileged we are to be able to do it at the drop of a hat.  These boys love baseball!  They got to talk about players and stats and taught me about managing a team.  We were all just so happy to be together.  The energy at the park was contagious and we felt so alive while we were there.

What sporting events do you love to attend?  What do you like on your hot dog?

Leave me a comment, it will make me SMILE :)


  1. We need to get you and Bill up to a Galaxy game! um...and I still never made it to a Ducks game. :(

  2. Mcikey - Both of those are true! We will get you to a Ducks game this year and cross that off your list :)


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