Tuesday, August 2, 2011

100th Blog Post - A Milestone of Finding My Voice

I spoke with my mom this week (as I do pretty much every day), and she told me she reads my blog everyday.  That was wonderful to hear; However, what she told me after that was more important and something I had not realized.  She said I struggled with writing all through my growing up and how I had never really been articulate and able to say what I was thinking.  

Since I have moved here and begun blogging and learning who I truly am, she said I have found my voice and gained the ability to verbalize and explain my emotions and day to day dealings with grace.  What a compliment!

Today, as I reach a milestone in my blogging life, I smile knowing that even if no one read, this blog helps remind me who I am.  When a television show reaches its 100th episode it typically goes into syndication, meaning (in my mind) that it continues on past the life of the show.  It keeps airing and effecting people and making them laugh and cry and get caught up in the stories on the screen.  My only hope is that as this blog reaches it's 100th "episode"that it will live past it's days and continue to effect people and change their lives!

Following are a few images from 100th episodes of great shows with fantastic writers.  If you recognize them, allow yourself to re-live the moments captured.

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