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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things:

Sometimes I need to take a step back from all the stress and drama and everything else and remember to be thankful for what God blesses me with.  Being able to spend time in the sunshine whenever Spoon wiggling his little bunny nose at me Breakfast with avocados involved My red Nalgene water bottle German Chocolate Cake Bill holding my hand French Press Coffee Happy Hour Drinks Chapstick Sushi

A Sweet Birthday Party for a Sweet Little Boy :)

Mikaela got invited to a 1 year old's birthday party that she babysits for and she invited to come along for this sweet celebration.  Of course I obliged, knowing it would bring a smile to my face to be surrounded by little ones for a few hours, and I was not let down! The details that Wyatt's mom and dad put into this party were unbelievable and well though out.  They seemed so happy as this lovely little blonde family.  They had a sweets station in addition to a cake table and snacks and coloring and a wall of pictures and a hour and half video!  It was really amazing how much work they put into this day. This pictures makes me smile!  Meet the birthday boy in all his glory :)  You cannot see his Paul Frank T-Shirt, but he matched his parents and they all were smiling the entire time.  Mikaela loves this little one and she truely enjoys babysitting for him! What a lovely time we had, and we left feeling so comfortable with this group of wonderful people.  We made fast

Bonus Round! More Pictures of Vegas and the Concert :)

I'm guessing the 2 pictures I gave you of the concert and the 4 pictures I gave you of Vegas were just enough to leave you wishing I had posted more... Well today is devoted to a few more moments captured for both events.  Enjoy and scroll through.  I hope they make you smile!  These are the best of times and I loved every minute the camera caught.  

Food I Ate Fridays - Hot Dogs and Rootbeer

There is something about a hot dog and a (root)beer at a baseball game that makes them taste even better.  Bill, Adam and I went to watch the Angels play the Orioles on Sunday and the game was at 12:30.  Included in the price of our $11 tickets were wonderful seats, a hot dog, and a soda!  We waited until the end of the 3rd inning to get our food, and with excitment rushed out to the hot dog stand.  3 hot dogs, 2 rootbeers, and a pepsi later we were back in our seats discussing how there was no other place we would have rather been.  I'm just going to tell you that I love hot dogs all the time!  I think its fun that people like them differnt ways.  Adam just wanted Ketchup, while Bill and I did spicy brown mustard and ketchup and onions (and we would have done peppers if they had some)... We love trying different things on hot dogs (although we haven't done much of that since we started dieting), and so many things work!  My favorites are pretty classic - I love a g

Summertime and the Livings Easy... Sublime and 311 Concert!

Alright, so I admit that these pictures leave a lot to be desired, but I don't care because this concert was AMAZING!  Bill and I love these bands and we went with Bill's cousin Eddie and his wife Michelle who also loved the music.  We could not have had much more fun! There is something about listening to music you loved 10 years ago that makes you feel alive and nostalgic.    This was a night I was looking forward to for a long time – we bought our tickets months ago – and it did not disappoint.     We laughed and drank beer and danced and had the BEST night.   Afterwards we went to In N Out for a post concert meal and a burger and fries have never tasted so good.   Time with Eddie and Michelle is always a blast, and I feel so blessed to have Bill’s family becoming such good friends of mine.   Michelle and I share such a wonderful bond and she is so caring with such a huge heart.   I love that even though Bill doesn’t have any siblings, he has Eddie who is like a big brothe

I Love Vegas - Group Pictures and Good Times

Last weekend I went to Vegas with Christian and Cristina (my twin and his wife) and my boyfriend Bill.  The four of us randomly get a lunch or breakfast when Bill and I are in Maryland every once in awhile for an event of some sort, but 2 whole days uninterrupted time is impossible to come by, and something I will treasure always.  The entire time was spent together and I felt like Christian and Cristina got to know Bill better and I got to see them for who they are without any obligations or confusion or holidays thrown in.  We always love each others company, but it is just so few and far between normally. These pictures of the 4 of us hanging out and being friends are so important to me.  Sometimes you do not realize you needed something until it happens and you are overwhelmed with a sense of calm.  Bill and I had such a wonderful time with Christian and Cristina and we felt like the 4 of us will figure out a way to be close across our 3000 mile gap.  I loved every

Bows For Cambodia

First of all, what a clever name right?  I have gone on trips and sent out support letters and raised money, but I always felt awful just asking people to support me in my mission.  They probably read my letter and thought it sounded like an awesome adventure and they would like to go on it, but instead they were helping to send me away to somewhere they would like to be.  They wrote me a check and sent it my way, and while I say I appreciated it, I am realizing as I spend all my time working, that money is most valuable earned.  I felt that there had to be a better way to get the money together, but I was not sure how to go about it... Well, these girls have got it figured out!  They started an online business to raise money for what they felt like God was calling them to do and started selling headbands to get them to Africa.  I love it so much, I decided to support them in their venture and bought my very own bow for Cambodia. Please read all about it and buy yourself a bow.  I

You Remind Me of Home

This is the beginning of a series of posts about the awesomness of my family.  Expect more to come :) My hilarious Dad, lovely Aunt, loving Mom, and beautiful baby sister :)  My sister is the last Wecker to head off to college this week.  Big transitions are in store over the next year and I'm excited to slowly tackle each one.  I am so proud of this little one for pursuing her non-profit dreams and going to school for Community Development.  You are amazing Joy!  I know you will do big things! It is pictures like this that make me miss my crazy family. I am blessed.

Food I Ate Fridays - Pea, Feta, and Crispy Prosciutto Salad

 Pea, Feta, and Crispy Prosciutto Salad Recipe  from Real Simple.  This simple recipe turned out more delicious than I could have possibly imagined!  I even got fat free feta to keep it a little healthier, and I wouldn't change a thing.  This is the perfect dish to bring to a picnic and share with a group.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Ingredients 2 thin slices prosciutto (2 ounces)  kosher salt and black pepper 1 1/2 pounds fresh peas in the pod, shelled (about 2 cups), or 2 cups frozen peas  2 tablespoons  olive oil 2 ounces  Feta, crumbled (1⁄2 cup) 2 scallions, thinly sliced  Directions Heat oven to 450° F. Place the prosciutto in a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet and bake until beginning to darken, 10 to 12 minutes. Let cool (the prosciutto will crisp as it cools), then crumble. Meanwhile, bring a large saucepan of salted water to a boil. Add the peas and cook until tender, 5 to 7 minutes (1 to 2 minutes if frozen). Drain and rinse

Life Lesson From a Chinchilla :)

As I was wandering through a pet store a while back, my sister found this little guy sleeping in the corner of his cage like this.  Breathing in and out slowly, as if in the middle of his REM cycle and I could not help but think I related.  While this picture is a few years old, my feelings still remain the same.  Sometimes, I go until I could fall asleep at my desk or in the middle of a project or standing in the corner somewhere :) How can this be avoided?  Is stretching yourself thin ok?  Or, should we go with all our energy until we fall asleep somewhere strange?  I know that for me I cannot be fully present with someone if I am exhausted.  For this reason, I make every effort to maintain a healthy balance of rest and exercise and activity.  Being present with those around you is something COMPLETELY underestimated in society.  Don't kill yourself to see everyone if you can't be a good friend when you have arrived.  Enjoy the company you are surrounded by and,

The Mocha Lisa... HA I Crack Myself Up!

Pictures of Vegas will be up soon, but today I want to show you something my roommate told me about and I am SO blown away by!  I am always amazed what the human mind can think up and make happen with a little ingenuity and alot of time.  I love coffee... so so much.  However, I would never think to do this with coffee cups... It looks like just a bunch of coffee cups filled up with different amounts of creamer right?  Well if you zoom out check out how the full picture! " Back in July, at the Aroma Festival at The Rocks in Sydney, Australia (an annual coffee festival), organizers used 3,604 cups of coffee — four shades using different amounts of coffee and milk — to make a replica of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa." ( Source ) I love random stuff like this! Happy Tuesday!
My Twin And His Wife And Me And My Boy Are In... Las Vegas.   I Will Return Tuesday...

Food I Ate Friday - Haut Cakes

 Bill and I spent a lovely day together on Saturday (as alluded to in a previous post), and this was just a piece of it's loveliness.  We happened upon this little cafe when we went to a favorite coffee shop a few weeks back and we decided to go back and get some food and sit in the sunshine. The outdoor set-up is so great! Little tables with red umbrellas in an open courtyard between the cafe and a few boutique kind of stores.  It was so relaxing!  (You can see Bill patiently waiting for me ot take picture :) When our food arrived we were plesantly surprised with how delicious it was!  We got a BLTA (BLT with avocado) that also has a blue cheese mayo and a side of parmesan and parsley fries and we got a grilled chicken sandwich with balsamic and carmalized onions and sundried tomatoes and all kinds of delciousness with a caesar salad side.  Honestly, the food was great, the atmosphere was great, and we really just loved the experience. I thought i'

Puppy Love...

Today I realized how much I want a dog.  It is not the right season for me in life to have one right now, however, I still like to look.  While this may seem like a puppy lover calendar that I would roll my eyes at, I wanted to put up some pictures that I have saved over the past year of puppies that struck my fancy.  I know everyone has their own idea of what they want in dogs... well these are some of mine and I love their little faces!  How can you resist that little face?  If I could pick a perfect pup, this would be it! I want to have a puppy snuggle like this with me... I added this one for Faith and Stephen :)

Missing My Parents...

While you may remember my Leaders of the Pack Post , I have been missing my parent's lately and it's my blog so I will write about them every day if I want to!  Spending time with Bill's parents like I did on Saturday always makes me miss mine.  They sent me this picture last year when they were at an Oriole's game, and it made my heart wish I could be with them for simple times like a baseball game with a hot dog and a beer.  Seeing them every so often is  hard, but I do believe I am where I am supposed to be and have peace in my heart about what God is teaching me and where he has me.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder, but it also makes the heart ache...  I love you mom and dad! 6 weeks from today I will be with you in Boston :)

Saturday Bliss

Saturday Bill and I spent a perfect day together and then went over his parents home for a pizza party.   Now, I know you are thinking that isn't a big deal, it's just a pizza party right? If that thought crossed your mind, you clearly haven't been to one of the Roger's family pizza parties!  Bill's dad (also named Bill), makes everything from scratch.  It really is an experience.  He makes his own sauce and his own dough and he has a method to his madness that produces a delicious and memorable evening.  He makes a pizza and everyone takes a piece as they come off the grill (that's right... he grills them!).  We eat as they are ready and socialize and laugh and talk and catch up and pour drinks and it is SO fantastic.   Caesar Salad Pizza is a group favorite and usually quickly dissappears! Spending time with Bill's family is always a treat.  They are open to anyone and so welcoming and generous.  I love that we are all happy with a drin

When the Living Was Easy...

Sometimes I wish I was a kid again... Life was less complicated and there was no fear.  Sure, there was an occasional nightmare, but anxiety was practically non-existent.  Growing up with my siblings was fantastic and a childhood worthy of envy.  We imagined away days at a time.  We walked barefoot through our backyard and turned trees into homes.  We did not realize the foundation we were building to jump start the rest of our lives together.  Innocence is something undervalued in my life.  I wish I was naive to some things and I wish I was less aware of the evil and corruption in the world.  I would be less afraid and more willing.  I would be less skeptical and more excited.  I would be less doubtful and more hopeful. When I look at these pictures I am reminded to love the simple and the ordinary.  To turn couches and blankets into a fort and an adventure...  To never be embarassed of slipping and falling... To lay and look at clouds or stars... To be excited about a train or an