Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Without Further Ado...

It's finally time!  Here are a few pictures that give you a better idea how our place turned out.  I highlighted some of my favorite areas of the apartment.  If you wanted to see more angles, I apologize.  I just wanted to give you a taste of how lovely it all turned out and how well it all works together.

Our dining room.  How wonderful it all turned out!   The mustard yellow shelf, the wine rack and wine glasses out in the open, the chalkboards and cork board could not have turned out better.  Mikaela and I had a vision for it all, and I think it turned out just the way we wanted! The bottom of the wall being brown is perfect, and it came that way.  It really adds an extra touch of hominess :)

These are Mikaela's new couches that she brought from a friend.  They are SO comfy.  She also re-covered the throw pillows with fabric we picked out together, and I have to say they turned out amazing.    Someone was getting rid of the giant mirror at my work, so I took it on and Mikaela painted over the gold to make it dark brown and then we painted some frames Stephen gave me for Christmas the exact same color so it all goes together and matches.  They are supposed to remind me of where I come from (Baltimore), where I have gone (Italy), and where I am going (Greece and Seattle - One Day)...

These suitcases sit directly below the frames Stephen gave me and I love them. They were each purchases seperately, but I love how the stack turned out.  We are looking for a globe donation for the top of this stack, but in the meantime the frame picture of a map taken in Uganda will have to do!  The bright colors and fantastic prints fill my heart with joy at every glance.

Oh the bathroom... I never like to look at pictures of other people bathrooms, so use your imagination... there is a toilet and a cute shower curtain from World Market.  Outside the bathroom door sits this wall display.  The colors of my towels remind me of summer and watermelon.  The pictures of Mikaela and my travels framed here are always a gentle reminder that we have seen some of the world and somehow they hug me and remind me I will see more of it.  

As we walk in our front door this cute little guy hangs to catch our keys.  I found this by a dumpster, and with a fresh coat of green paint it was ready to go.  

I have always wanted an open kitchen, but in the many apartments I have lived in it has been hard to come by.  I finally have one!  We can cook and hang out with our friends without having to shout.  Mikaela and I picked out the fabric to re-cover these barstools.  I love them and can't stop looking at them.  I love how everything is not matching, but works together incredibly well.

I guess you can tell that I love our new place!  It is colorful and fun and so perfect for us.  We are happy and healthy and well.  Come visit if you are in the area!  I would love to show you more in person :)


  1. I love you and Mikaela's place. You guys did a wonderful job decorating although I am not too surprised you have always been so creative ;)