Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunshine on Saturdays

Sometimes I honestly feel like the only things I need to be happy are sunshine, a good cup of coffee, and the company of a wonderful person.  This past Saturday, I felt happiness from my head to my toes.  Bill and I went to Kean coffee and sat outside with flip flops and sunglasses on. 

My long yellow skirt and white tank top hung loosely on me in a way that made me relax and sink into the situation.  The smile on his face when he looked up at me made me happy to know he was excited just to be next to me.  He read the Wall Street Journal and I read a lovely book my mom gave me for Christmas. 

It really is simple things that make life great.   After we finished our coffee, we strolled hand in hand down the street just to walk… no destination in mind.  I love to just be.

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