Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Soccer, British Breakfast, and a Great New Hangout!

This post has been a little delayed, as the pictures were not taken on my camera and Mikaela and I have had a tough time getting our internet set up over the past few weeks!  However, it is here now :)

Two weekends ago Mikaela's family was in town and Bill and I joined them at a restaurnt in Santa Ana, CA to watch the women's World Cup soccer team play Brazil in the quarter finals and from the moment we walked in I knew it was a great decision. 

I love soccer fans, SO MUCH.  Bill is a huge soccer fan, and these men and women were cheering and screaming and chanting and yelling at the televisions and the refs and drinking beer at 9 am.  It was fantastic.  The game was highly intense and back and forth and came to a shoot out and the US came out on top!  The celebration was epic and I literally couldn't get enough of it.  I always want to watch soccer that way!  I've never been so proud to be wearing a US jersey (that Bill got me when we were watching the world cup) and getting super into a game :)

This place is fantastic and while the pictures make it look empty, the entire bar area was packed :)  Everyone who works there has an accent and the food is authetic British cooking.  In our traditional meal we had baked beans... FOR BREAKFAST!  I epicly failed at getting pictures.  There are none of other people being outrageous and none of the food, but hey... I'm telling you about it anyway! The next time you are trying to decide between going to a pub to watch a soccer game with a million screaming fans or to stay at home, GO OUT!  Their energy is contagious.

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