Tuesday, July 19, 2011

He Leads Me Beside Still Waters, He Refreshes My Soul...

So yesterday's post and today's go hand in hand.  Over the last couple months I have challenged myself physically (and mentally) to get healthier.  I have lost ten pounds and been actively seeking out healthier ways to prepare dinners and learn what will treat my body well.  It has been really eye opening to be reading the ingredients on packaging and realize that some things I considered healthy or at least "not bad for me" are in fact part of the problem.

This life style is starting to become a second nature.  It is less stressful, and unlike many who diet, I do not see myself putting the weight back on.  This lifestyle shift brought to my attention my need to focus on a few other areas.  While my career snapped into focus and I had a list a mile long of things I could do to advance myself both financially and emotionally, I realized that my spiritual life needed attention as well. 

Before I get my real estate license, look into other options in my current company, pour myself into presentations and resume updates, and generally setting my sights on promotions and change at work, I wanted to set some spiritual goals that will put me in the right mindset to tackle those other tasks with Christ's purpose for my life at the forefront of my mind.

With that said, I have signed up to read the Bible in one year through Bible Gateway.  I receive an email everyday with a reading assignment and I focus in on what it says and devote just 20-30 minutes on really understanding and concentrating on its content.  I had a friend when I was younger who used to say, "If you give God his time, He will give you your time."  This proved true time and time again. I have been meditating on this simple truth, and am bringing it to you all now.

Making him a priority will center my focus and give me clarity in my next steps as an individual, with Bill, and with my life path.  One of the mnay verses I read this morning was the 23rd Psalm, and my prayer today is for God to "Refresh My Soul."

"He Leads Me Beside Still Waters."

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