Friday, July 1, 2011

All I Really Need...

Well, I guess you will just have to keep waiting for pictures of our new place, because I do not have them to share yet!  This week has been exhausting and relaxing.  Having our own place is a dream come true and I think it is exactly as we both pictured it.  I feel so at home already and tomorrow marks one week.  We both keep saying, "I just love it all so much."

Last night Bill and I made dinner, got in the hot tub, and returned to the apartment to play cards and drink tea with Mikaela.  It is hard to explain why, but last night was so perfect to me.  It is all I really want in life.  Just having my boy and my bestie sitting at a table, drinking tea, laughing, and talking were amazing and lovely and everything I wanted our new place to be.  I know the next 14 months (the length of our lease) will be so incredible, and just shraing with these two, our friends, and our families is honestly all I need.

I'm sorry to give you only half a post, but this is straight from my heart.  I can't wait to have friends and family around our dining room table with wine and delicious food and laughter and candles.  I can't wait to host parties for silly reasons and to share our space with all our friends.  I know alot of milestones will happen under this roof, as Mikaela and I continue to discover who we are, and I know our place will hold so many dear memories.  I ask each of you to pray for us as roommates and for our home as a place where everyone feels welcome and restored. 

You are welcome in our home :)

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